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For Contractors

  • Notification of Commencement of Work:
    • All contractors MUST report to the Cowpet Bay West Office before job commencement.  At that time, office will verify that all pertinent paper work has been received, signed and approved.  Contractor will not be permitted to start job without office permission.
  •  Entry/Exit Gate: 
    • The owner will purchase one swipe card for the contractor (to be returned when project is completed).  Contractor is responsible for entry/exit for his crew and subcontractors.  Contractors and crew are not to call the office for entry/exit.  Swipe card must be returned to the office at the end of the project.  The card will be voided from the system at project completion.  Owners may purchase additional cards for contractors, should they be needed, at a cost of $25 per card.  Owner assumes responsibility for swipe cards issued to contractors.
  • Parking: 
    • Contractors will park ONLY in guest spots or the spot of the unit owner for whom the work is being done.  DO NOT park along street or in any other unit’s “numbered” spaces.  
  • Dumpsters:
    • When a dumpster is required, the Cowpet Bay West Office must be notified and told how many days a dumpster will be needed.  The owner’s parking space must be utilized for the dumpster.  Dumpster must be removed by 4 pm the same day.   
  • Work Hours:
    • Work will be done Monday through Friday from 8AM until 4:00PM.  Work is not permitted on holidays and weekends.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Adjoining Units: 
    • Stairways should be used to access units and cutting through adjoining property should be avoided at all times to maintain privacy.       
  • Noise:
    • Radios or other audio equipment should not be heard outside of the unit.  Notice of the use of jackhammers or other equipment emitting continuously loud construction noises should be given to the office and adjoining neighbors at least 24 hours in advance .
  • Debris: 
    • Debris must be removed daily from the exterior of any building.  Steps, balconies and walkways must be left broom-clean and no supplies may be stored in any of these areas.  Debris should not be swept or thrown from balconies.
  • Cleaning of Paint Brushes, Tools or other substances is not permitted on premises; our drains empty into our wastewater treatment facility.
  • Project Interim Inspections:  
    • For all ‘Intrusive’ and ‘Structural’ modifications, the General Manager, or a Board Member, will make a minimum of three inspections during the renovation.
      • First Inspection—upon completion of demolition
      • Second inspection—before wall enclosure, halfway through, etc.
      • Final—upon completion of work. The final inspection will include checking the common areas of the unit, the adjacent unit common areas, and steps, rails, walkways, foliage, etc, for both debris and damage.  The owner is responsible for any damage to common property in any of these areas.
  • Contractor Violations:  
    • The General Manager is authorized by the Board of Directors to enforce the regulations contained herein, and impose the following penalties:
      • First Violation—verbal and written warning, both owner and contractor
      • Second Violation—$1,000 fine to owner and $1,000 to Contractor; work will be stopped until fines are paid by both
      • Third Violation—$1,000 fine to owner; one year ban from CBW property for Contractor
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