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Renovation Guidelines

Work such as painting, replacing interior doors, shelving, bathroom vanity, baseboard, hot water heater, appliances, toilet replacement not involving plumbing alteration,

Work such as demolition and rebuilding or removal of interior walls, any work involving electrical or plumbing components, replacement of any floor or wall tile, window replacement

Work involving the structural integrity of the building; this includes but is not limited to, removal of weight-bearing walls, removal of beams and ceiling in upper units, and any alteration, which might adversely affect the insurability of the building.

All work performed within the unit must adhere to the following regulations:

1. No work shall cause undue disturbance to other units and shall be performed Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4pm. No Saturday, Sunday or holiday work will be permitted.

2. Work must be performed in a professional manner by contractors who are licensed, bonded and properly insured.

3. Owner\contractor will be responsible for DAILY cleanup associated with projects, especially the outsides of the unit. Dumpsters placed on the grounds must be confined to owner’s numbered parking space, and must be removed from the property by the end of each day.

4. Any and all modifications will maintain the standards within the Cowpet Bay West community for quality and appearance. NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE TO THE EXTERIOR DESIGN OF THE BUILDINGS.

5. No owner should accept any agreements or approvals from any CBW staff in verbal form.

6. Owner shall be liable for any claim for injury or damage to property.(Bylaw Article V, Sect. 13)

‘Intrusive’ and ‘Structural Modification’ renovations are additionally governed by the following regulations:

7. Unit owners are required to submit to the CBW office a detailed, written scope of work. The scope of work will be presented for approval at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting. Upon approval from the Board of Directors, please submit two weeks in advance a commencement date and proposed completion date. Those renovations that engage the services of a General Contractor must include drawings by the GC.

8. You (or your contractor) will advise owners of adjacent units of the planned work (commencement and duration) one week prior to the start date. ‘Adjacent’ units include the neighbor up or down from the renovation, as well as the up and down neighbors on either side of the unit.

9. In the case of resultant damage to common property or adjacent units caused by the renovation process, the Owner shall be responsible for making timely repairs. The Association, if necessary, reserves the right to make such necessary repairs and bill the renovating owner accordingly.

10. The General Manager, or a member of the Board, will make a minimum of three inspections during the renovation.
First Inspection – upon completion of demolition
Second Inspection—before wall enclosed; half way through; etc.
Final – upon completion of work

General Manager should be given 24-hour notice prior to each phase requiring inspection and he is authorized by your Board to ‘stop work’ for any violations or non-compliance of the regulations contained herein.

Structural Modifications are governed by these additional regulations:

11. A licensed architect and\or structural engineer must prepare and submit certified plans and drawings for Board review and approval at least 30 days in advance of proposed renovation commencement. Upon approval, the Association will issue a work authorization commencement permit, which is to be displayed prominently on the front door of the unit during all phases of construction.

12. A copy of the plans will be kept in the office. No renovation may commence without written approval of the Board of Directors. Work done without this approval may be subject to restoration to its original condition at the owner’s expense.

Property\Grounds Access
Owner will purchase one swipe card for the contractor (each card is $25), the cost of which is non-refundable and must be returned to the office upon completion of the project. This card will be voided at such time. The Contractor is responsible for the entry\exit of his crew and subcontractors. At owner’s discretion, additional cards may be purchased for contractor use, and owner assumes responsibility for all swipe cards issued to contractor. Under no circumstances will the CBW office be the ‘gatekeeper’ for contractors and work crews. Access without a card will be denied.

Contractor Violations
The General Manager is authorized by the Board of Directors to enforce the regulation of contractor working hours and days, as follows:
First Violation – Written warning to owner and contractor
Second Violation – $1,000 fine to owner; $1,000 fine to Contractor; work cannot resume until both fines are paid in full
Third Violation – $1,000 fine to owner; one-year ban from working at CBW for contractor

In addition, the CBW Board reserves the right to impose financial or other sanctions on owners who encourage or condone violations by their contractors.
Cowpet Bay West,
Oct 28, 2011, 11:48 AM
Cowpet Bay West,
Oct 28, 2011, 11:48 AM