Security Gate Operation

The purpose of these rules is to provide maximum security for all CBW property owners and their tenants while causing the least inconvenience possible without jeopardizing security.

1. No numeric or blanket codes will be issued.

2. Each unit owner was issued 2 swipe cards for 24 hour entry and exit through the security gate. Each unit has one local telephone number in the look-up directory.

3. Additional cards and wireless devices are available for owners to purchase, up to a maximum combined total of six (cards or wireless devices) assigned to any one unit (including the initial 2 cards). The cards are $25 each and the wireless $75 each. Owners request additional cards and/or devices by completing the form “Application for Gate Access Card or Wireless Device.

4. The owner assumes full responsibility for each access device assigned to his unit. Cards and wireless devices can be limited to 7 am to 4pm access, what we call “day access.” It is suggested that cards you purchase for vendors (house cleaners, pest control, repair person, etc.) be “day access”. You will need to designate this on your request.

5. Special Cases:
Long term rentals: (hereby defined as one or more year rentals): Owner must decide whether owner(s) name or tenants name will appear on the gate directories and inform the Administrator in writing by mail or fax (signed by the owner).

Short term rentals: (hereby defined as less than one year): Owners are solely responsible for security cards. The Association will not accept requests from your agent or guest for additional devices.

CBW permanent staff: will each be issued one 24 hour device.

CBW Condominium Association may, at its sole discretion, issue day-time access cards & devices to its permanent vendors.

6. Additional & Replacement Cards and Devices:

Only owners may request additional cards or wireless devices (daytime or 24 hour).

Real estate agents representing owners may not apply for cards for tenants without a notarized power-of-attorney from the owner specifically authorizing the agent to act in behalf of the owner in this regard.

Defective access cards and wireless devices (manufacturer defect) will be replaced only within 30 days of issuance when returned to the administrator.

Lost or stolen devices will be replaced at twenty-five dollars ($25) per card and seventy-five dollars ($75) per wireless device.

Additional cards and/or devices (subject to all conditions listed above) may be purchased only by submitting an authorized request form.

7. General complaints, suggestions and comments either should be faxed (340 779 6407) or mailed to the Administrator. No other form of communication will be accepted.
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