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  • Parking Information
    As of July 1st, 2021: Parking Program Each unit will receive 1 parking sticker for their main vehicle and 1 GUEST parking pass. These are now available in the office for pick-up. Contractor Parking Passes will be available in the office for the contractor to sign out. These can be signed out for an extended amount of time but will be logged through the office. Any car that is in a GUEST spot for more than 24 hours or in an authorized parking spot without a parking pass or sticker will be automatically towed. If your car gets towed contact the office for the towing company information. There will be no warnings so it is important to have one of these on your car so that we can identify your car and contact you so that it doesn't get towed. By July 1st you are required to display either a sticker or pass on your vehicle. If your car is in your assigned spot and you will not be back until after this date please just notify the office, these vehicles will not be touched in any way. The sticker is only for owners vehicles. If you rent your unit, the renter is required to use the GUEST parking pass. Each unit is entitled to one (1) parking space, so numbered and located, on the premises. Parking is PROHIBITED in all areas not designated with lines and identification. Only licensed vehicles may occupy a parking space. No vehicles may be parked with any extrusions attached of greater length or width than the vehicle. “Guest” Parking Spots: There are limited guest parking spots located throughout the property. These spots are to be used strictly for temporary “guest” parking; they are not to be used as a permanent parking space for a second family car, storage for car/s while off island, or any other long-term use. Owners: When on island, owners will park solely in their assigned, numbered parking spots. Those with second cars, may use available “guest” spots only for temporary (overnight, weekend) parking. Owners will need to seek other arrangements for their second vehicle when they plan any extended off-island trips. Emergency Access: Any vehicle parked in an area that would block access by an emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire truck) will be TOWED IMMEDIATELY AND AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. The turnarounds must be kept cleared.
  • Security Gate Information
    How do visitors contact me to get in the gate? Enter with 4 digit code, Card, or Clicker How close does my card need to be to the card-reader? Your card needs to be within 1/2 inch of the card reader. How does the remote (clicker) button operate? You must hold the button for at least 2 seconds. Point the clicker toward the guard-house. What if an emergency vehicle (fire, ambulance, police) is called? The gate is programmed to respond to emergency vehicles and will automatically open. What happens if there is a power outage? The gate will automatically open when there is a power outage. Sometimes I see the gate open and no one is around! Don’t be alarmed. When the office computer and the gate are communicating, the gate opens until the information has been transmitted. Data is sent to program cards, clickers, and run reports. This can take from 5 to 15 minutes. How is the 4-digit phone code assigned? You can pick any code in the office Will the gate clear the front of my car when I’m at the keypad? From the keypad there is no reason to back-up. The gate will clear your vehicle. Full extension of the gate takes 18 seconds. Do not drive toward the center of the gates as this may cause a head-on collision with in-coming traffic. What if I have renters? We realize renting can create unique situations. Please call the office to obtain procedures for renters.
  • Trash Information
    Owners are responsible for removal of trash from their units. Trash is not to be left on the porch or set at the curb and is subject to fine Please be sure your guests are aware of proper trash disposal. Household Trash ONLY may be placed in receptacles at the end of Windward and Leeward
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